​"It is only in adventure that some people    
succeed in knowing themselves."  

Andre Gide

Toddler Program / 1.5 - 3 y/o


Our two-year-old class meets half days, two days per week from 9:00-noon.The toddler class meets at the Waldkinder Nest where they also have a schoolroom for reading, playing and snack time. Their days are spent mostly outside in the dirt, at one of the parks within walking distance from The Nest, practicing on their striders or taking the Adventure Van to visit each other’s homes and a local farm. Each class has only four children.

3 and 4 y/o School Year Preschool Programs

Waldkinder’s three-year-old class meets two full days per week and our four-year-old class meets three days per week, 8:30 - 4:00. Each class has only five children each. The preschoolers spend time each morning in the school room in regular preschool activities; singing, dancing, making art, playing games, reading books, having circle time and snack. We then go out for chicken tending, maybe a little gardening and our adventure either in the Adventure Van, on foot, on bikes or by RFTA bus. We go out everyday, in any kind of weather. There is no bad weather, only bad clothing. We hike in the forest, bike on the trails or through town, bus to the libraries, swim at the hot springs. Each child carries a backpack with his or her lunch and we picnic while out on our adventure everyday. The end of our day is nap/rest time. Winter and spring breaks are consistent with the local school district calendar.

Prima Group / Pre-k

For those families interested in giving their child a leg up in kindergarten, Waldkinder's Prima Group allows children that extra year to learn and grow in a more natural way. Kindergarten in Europe and Scandinavia starts when children are six or seven, not five or six, and education success rates are much higher! Americans rush their children into a sit-down and pay-attention kind of educational system too early for most five-year-olds. Allowing them to continue learning through play, adventure and discovery during an extra year of preschool provides the opportunity for your child to be developmentally ready to succeed in the kind of  environment they  will face in kindergarten. 


At Waldkinder, children learn not only about their letters and numbers, but about themselves - self-sufficiency, self-regulation, independence and responsibility, all things that give them an advantage in kindergarten which could mean the difference between a year of struggle or a year of contentment and comfort in their transition into formal education. 

Preschool Summer Camps

Waldkinder has a variety of summer preschool camps, as well as some boys and girls camps for school aged children. Camps start mid June and typically run for 6-9 weeks through the summer. 

Watch for more details on summer camps later this winter.

Please send an email with your contact information and your child's name and birthdate, to be put on the wait list for summer camps.

Waldkinder World Headquarters . 639 Buck Board Ct . Carbondale . Colorado . 81623

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